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Clutter by Jeff Betman Ph.D October 20, 2009

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I might as well tell you.

You will probably find out eventually.

Better to hear it from me.


I come from a long line of clutter.  My dad clutters, his dad did the same.  Even to this day, my dad keeps stuff for no apparent reason.  It is just how he is.

My parents recently had some water damage in their basement and I was helping to clean up old papers.  We went through boxes of receipts and stuff from 1986.


Come on.


Really.  I am not that bad, but probably left to my lazy, default behavior I can and could be even worse.

So, today’s topic is clutter.  In my opinion, clutter is stressful and takes up psychic space in your brain.  It drains your energy.  It is registers on your brain every time you see it.

If you have to find something, good luck in all that clutter.

Life is harder with clutter.  Everything is not in its place.

Besides, and I am putting myself first in line here, I think we all have too much stuff anyway.  If half my stuff magically disappeared, it would probably improve the quality and ease of my life.

Which brings me to a great book by Karen Kingston called Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui.  Now, you may or may not be a believer.  Doesn’t matter.  You don’t have to be a believer in gravity and it is still there.

Regardless, Ms. Kingston says something on page 37, which has had a big impact on me.  She states:  Keeping things “just in case” indicates a lack of trust in the future.  Wow.  A lack of trust.  Amazing.  Not trusting the world and the future, of course it makes sense to keep things.

For example, If I move out of my house and keep my garden hoses that is fine. But, what if I move into a condo?  Aren’t hoses available in most every state (that was a bad joke)?  Wouldn’t it be better to give the hose to someone who needs it here and now, and get another one down the road, if needed.  Less stuff to move, less stuff to have, less psychic mind space taken up, and an easier life.

Your Life Is Easy Coach,

Jeffrey A. Betman, Ph.D.

Jeffrey A. Betman, Ph.D. is a psychologist, author, and life coach helping people toward the easy life. For a FREE newsletter ($197 value) on making your life easier and FREE report titled 5 Steps To An Easy Life That You Probably Know, But Don’t Do Yet, go to

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10 things that don’t stress me out. October 14, 2009

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It is around 5:00 in the morning I cannot sleep. Hmm, I think, “I should get some work done”. Well, its not actually work, writing is simply typing organized thoughts. This a.m. with my body full of tension (which explains the sleeplessness) and coffee in hand I will share with you the things that don’t stress me out and maybe my body will listen.

  1. My desk – It holds my favorite things for me. The book I’m reading, the super cool silver nail polish I want to try, a notebook I write all my creative ideas, headphones and coffee cup full of coffee. There are more things but you get the idea.
  2. My car- it takes me to fun places, where I get to meet new and wonderful people, visit my parents, see amazing places outside of where I live.
  3. My kid’s laugh- when the whole-heartedly laugh the sound is priceless.
  4. Walking- I live by a small lake surrounded by paths and neighborhoods. It’s beautiful in the fall.
  5. True friends-They are always my advocate and just fun to be with. (Anyone who makes us laugh is a gift)
  6. Cooking- The process of chopping and creating a delicious meal while sipping a glass of wine on a Saturday afternoon makes me happy. Not to mention the lovely friends and family I get to share it with.
  7. My Dog Daphne- She is always by my side and happy to be around me.
  8. Sunshine coming through the window- Even though I’m a couple hours away from that actually happening right now. It gives me warm fuzzies on the coldest days.
  9. Comfy pants- Do I need to explain?
  10. Wine- A great glass of wine with some French bread and cheese, my fav.

Do you see? It is nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary, just simple everyday things that keep me going. What are some things in your life that don’t stress you out? It can be as simple as brushing your teeth to running a marathon. We all have our own lists. What is on yours?


My dirty little secret September 16, 2009

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As most of you know I am a professional organizer. I have just been tweeting with @mybusybabe about closet organizing.  Darling Lisa is struggling with the deeper issues of organizing her closet, so I decided to share with you what I do. Here we go.

I live in an approx 1500 square ft ranch built in the 50’s that is not including the finished basement, which is the kid’s playroom. Right now it is strewn with American Girl dolls and various Barbies. Apparently the folks of the 50’s did not need closet space because we have none. I found that I had arranged everyone else’s clothing in my family in the closets available and mine were placed wherever they would fit. Needless to say I could never remember what I had and to get dressed found me walking all over the house and pulling things from various closets. I got very tired of that. So one day on a crazy “this sucks” tangent I went to Target and purchased 2 freestanding wardrobes. I also purchase 2 sets of curtains that were on sale. I went home and set up the wardrobes in a section of the storage room in my basement. I hung the curtains in areas to give the idea of a dressing room in the storage area. Then I proceeded to move all of my clothing into the storage room and created my own personal dressing area. Folding clothes found their way onto an extra shelving unit I already had and basic long sleeve and short sleeve t-shirts made a home in these great square-stacking baskets that I’ve owned for years.  I hung 2 canvas shoe cubbies from a pipe and there you have it, instant closet.

You might be saying “Ewww” right now. No worries my storage room is dry and not full of icky spiders or the dreaded mice. It certainly isn’t glamorous but all my things are in one place and organized. I can get dressed in a snap.  Some day I will occupy a closet on the main floor that is not next to my furnace but for now this will have to do. Now you see even an organizer has to make sacrifices now and then. I have shared with you something that I haven’t told to anyone. Do you have a wacky organizing solution in your own home? I promise I won’t tell a soul.


25 uses for plastic storage containers September 2, 2009

  1. Baking ingredient storage – flour, sugar (all kinds)
  2. General food s   torage – leftovers
  3. Organizing small toys
  4. Candles – tapers and votives
  5. Hair accessories
  6. Suntan lotion
  7. Crafts
  8. Markers, crayons and colored pencils
  9. Emergency kit for car and home – flash light, batteries, candles
  10. First aid kit for car and vacations
  11. Ribbon for gift wrapping
  12. Small extension cords
  13. Light bulbs – different sized
  14. Batteries
  15. In home tool kit
  16. Bottle and sippy cup tops
  17. Pet food storage
  18. Snacks – granola bars, fruit snack,
  19. Food packet storage – taco seasoning, soup mix
  20. Medicine storage – kids container and adult container
  21. Extra toiletries – tooth paste, tooth brushes
  22. Extra linens and blankets – for quests or seasonal
  23. Toys – large containers for stuffed animals, babies, barbies, trucks
  24. Extra office supplies – envelopes, pencils, copy paper
  25. Mail supplies – packing tape, sharpie, labels, stamps

The list can go on and on. Do you have more fab ideas? I want to know because I have a yet another give- a –way from Rubbermaid! Thanks to them I can send you a set with their Easy Find lids line. I own it and love it! Leave a comment or email me your great idea or just your name and I’ll draw a winner on Friday Thanks!
Rubbermaid veggie storage


Do you need a professional organizer? 10 questions to ask yourself. August 22, 2009

1.   Is there a stack of unopened mail on your kitchen counter or stuffed in drawers or piled on a        shelf?

2.    Do you frequently pay bills late simply because you cannot find them or forgot about them?

3.    Do you feel overwhelmed when you open any closet in your home? Do you throw things in the closet when you don’t know what else to do with it?

4.    Where is all your kid’s artwork? In a pile somewhere in the basement, or the ole closet trick.

5.    Is the desk in your home office covered in papers? How does your filing system look? Do you have a filing system?

6.    Are you working as efficiently as you think you can?

7.    Do you have trouble keeping track of the schedules for your family, yourself or employees?

8.    How about your kid’s toys? Are they all over your home and office? Do they never get picked up because by the end of the day you’re too tired and really have no idea where they go?

9.    Are you embarrassed to have people over? If a client entered your home office today how would you feel? What impression would you make?

10.   When its time to make a meal or a snack, do you have a hard time finding the right items? Do you keep buying the same things because they get pushed to the back of the cabinet and forgotten?

I really could go on and on with the questions. As you probably noticed I included a couple more questions in some of the numbers. It comes down to this, you’re busy, many people who depend on you. It could be running your household, kids, business and everything else that comes with it.  How much less stress and time would you save by having an organized home and office? I bet I know the answer because I also have a family, run a business and household and everything in between. It’s time for you to change – start today.  Email Julie at Organized Home Inc and begin.

iStock_paper w coffee cup


SSS To Organizing Your Jewelry August 8, 2009

WrapAround Mango Baubles, bangles and earrings, oh my! Do you have a drawer full of precious jewels, costume trends, or a little of both?  Here is an even bigger question. Do you know where everything is? Are all your jewels tucked away in boxes and drawers? Do you forget what you have? How do we organize our jewelry so we can bedazzle ourselves in seconds?

Have no fear, I have a couple solutions for you that can be done in probably less than an hour. Unless of course you are the Princess on Monaco, which you more than likely are not, but if the Princess of Monaco is reading this, cool! Okay, okay I’ll stop dreaming, for this project, first things first – you will need a glass of wine. Due to the process of this task, you will probably be doing a lot of jogging down memory lane. Wine is good for that.

Before I give you a list of what you need, take a look at your space allowance. I will give you ideas for different space requirements.

When you have a designated drawer for jewelry in your room, closet or bathroom:

  1. A stacking jewelry tray that fits in drawers will be a great addition.
  2. Small organizing containers that clip together and come in all different sizes so you can piece them together according to your needs would also be useful.

The following are options for jewelry storage in any situation. Before you purchase anything be sure to look at your space and chose wisely.

1. Many jewelry boxes are available out there that have different layers, so you   can separate the good, the great and the ugly. (I.e. the Christmas pin your Great  Aunt crocheted for you).  These work very well for rings, bracelets and necklaces.

2. For the jewelry that tarnishes or is only worn on special occasions, keeping  them in a cloth bag will help silver and gold not to tarnish as quickly. Attaching a tag to the drawstring allows you to quickly identify the piece and not have to  open all the bags before finding the right one.

3. Look in your local multi purpose store, such as Target, Wal-Mart and Meijer  for makeup organizing boxes. They have several tiers that are great for separating  jewelry.

4. Earrings are sometimes difficult to organize. How many times after a long day  or evening do you take them off and throw on your dresser? That is fine, I do the  same thing. The difference is you need to have something to throw them into. I  have a fired clay dish that my daughter made for me in school. Anything can   work; do you have a favorite teacup, or saucer? Anything around your home can  work.

5. Purchasing an “earring tree” for the top of your dresser is an option. I have to  tell you these are not my favorite. They keep your earrings organized and in one  place, but it’s also visual clutter. Save your dresser top for a beautiful perfume  bottle, decorative box and a picture of your dog.

Where do the earrings get stored when they are not in use?  I have not found the ideal item specifically made for earring storage that I like, but I have several ideas for you that will work for all your earrings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches, rings and anything else shiny.

  1. Ice cube trays- Think about it, they each have 12 sections and stack nicely. Of course most are not very pleasant to look at, so how about finding a drawer or cabinet in you bathroom or bedroom to store them in?
  2. A bulletin board – Cover it with a cool fabric and use stickpins to hang earrings, necklaces and bracelets. It can become part of your décor and still looks nice.
  3. A shadow box- another decorative choice. Shadow boxes can be purchased at any craft store.  Place a cork backing in it and use like the bulletin board. Shadowboxes have a door to keep out dust and admiring little fingers.
  4. Decorative box – Purchase a decorative painted or fabric box at a craft store and use drawer-organizing containers to keep items separated. The boxes are lovely to look at and look great stacked on each other.
  5. Bracelets, necklaces even hoop earrings and rings can be stored on a dowel rod that is hung on a support such as little hooks or some unique knobs. Think about where that would fit in your space.
  6. How about pegboard. It’s not just for you garage. Picture this, pegboard painted, but to size and framed. Fasten it to your closet door or wall space and use hooks made specifically pegboard to hang your treasure. Cheap, easy and your friends will think you’re crafty.

Do you see that the actual choice of the proper tools is the biggest task?  After that sorting will be easy!

When going through your treasures sort by:

  1. Earrings by size – unless you have a second or third hole in your ear, get rid of the earrings that don’t have a partner.
  2. Occasion – less frequently worn jewels can be stored in a less front and center place.
  3. Frequently worn jewelry such as a watch or ring could be stored in the dish for your quick jewelry take off moments.

As you sort through your jewelry, did you find the necklace your ex-boyfriend gave you? How about your

Grandmother’s ring? I hope you found some treasures that bring back some good memories. I don’t know about

7060you, but I’m sipping my wine and I’m grooving to some Love and Rockets and I guess I’ve got to throw in some Van Halen somewhere. Oh crap there goes Barbara again…”Memories, light the corners of my mind”. Okay back to reality, you are on a roll and keep going. Good luck with the sparkly things in your life. Until next time, Cheers


Standing up to the elephant July 2, 2009

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I was at the Doctor with my son the other day. The Doctor said something so simple and obvious and it hit me like a snowball. You see we were at my son’s physiatrist reviewing his meds for ADHD and emotion management issues.  He said when we feel anxious, frustrated and impatient with the things going on around us, there is an internal struggle. Bam!


Yesterday I was impatient, anxious and frustrated at my kids and with the state of my house. Not until I stopped and thought of why I was being so unpleasant did I realize that it had nothing to do with my kids (don’t get me wrong they have their moments) or the state of my house, it was the freaking elephant I’ve been talking about.


Okay, Julie take a deep breath, stand up straight and face it. Last night was the time. I spoke my words and stood my ground. There was resistance and there still is, but my feelings and thoughts are out there. The dark heavy cloud that has been baring its weight on my shoulders is getting lighter. I know that this path that I have chosen will be difficult, but the person that has unveiled itself once again longs to be free.


I compare the feeling to when I visit a big city. The electrical energy that flows from the buildings and streets is addictive. The sense of all the possibilities that lay before me is intoxicating and I want it!


I take a deep breath and stand before the elephant; although it is faded it still exists. I will keep going. I will persevere.  My friends those are the thoughts racing in my mind today. Right now I’m going to play a game with my kids.