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Cleaning out my own clutter February 17, 2010

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It has been a while since my last blog post and I’ve been thinking why is that so…is it motivation? Or writers block or even to many thoughts running through my head I can’t even place them into organized thoughts. I think it is mostly too many thoughts running through my head and I have been in the process or organizing my own home and life! This is what I have been working on and it’s so freeing that I can hardly contain myself from screaming it on my overly taxed modest ranch home. I just got divorced and one of the temporary agreements was to “nest” That means when he is here with the kids I am not and vice versa. At first I thought it was doable, now not so much. To keep myself from going absolutely insane I have been doing some cleaning out of items. Objects and furniture I thought I could never part with, I now can. The need for independence and more personal space, a must. Here are a couple ways I have found in organizing my clients and myself a few very useful resources to get rid of it all!

  1. EBay – I have a friend who is selling so many things for me on eBay. I have sold some clothing on eBay myself, but she knows the ins and outs. There are many eBay stores that you can bring things to, but they charge a percentage. Try swapping with a friend who knows her stuff and you will both end up happy.
  2. Good Will – Salvation Army, You know them, they help those who need help and pick up at your home. Wow!
  3. Friends – When you’re on a roll, a good friend to encourage is a must. Some things I have been talked out of or at least put on hold to sell. (I might regret it later) Other items, I’ve got the cheerleading squad “Hell yea! Donate! Throw it away! EBay! Love my friends.
  4. My own brain – I’m not some raging lunatic, but I am ready for change. I have to remember to be very sensitive to my kids needs. I haven’t even touched any of their things and probably won’t
  5. Craig list – What can I say about Craig’s? What a great thing. Remember to have whatever you’re selling in a garage or spot outside of your home. Since it does attract so many “unknowns” keep cautious and only accept cash and money orders.
  6. Consignment shops – I have seen so many consignment shops pop up in my area. Especially since the economy tanked last year. Consignment shops are great; just know what percentage they are going to take off the top. Your items have to be in good condition and clean. Not a bad deal when you really don’t want to deal with any of it.

Not bad huh? You see I’m not crazy, just ready to move on. When it comes down to it, I really just care about the health and happiness of my kids. The belongings can be replaced and new memories made. I’m not sad, I’m elated and that is the feeling I get from all my clients. That freeing feeling when we push out the extra stuff that weights us down. What weights you down? If you could get rid of 3 things in your home and not feel guilty, what would it be? Think about it. Until next time may your path be clear of clutter and your shoulders feel light. Cheers


Bad news comes in 3s December 1, 2009

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They say bad news always comes in 3s. It seems to me when something big hits, in the back of my mind I wait for the other 2 to roll in soon. Recently I took my sick dog Daphne to the vet. The poor old girl had not been herself and I had fears of some foreign object (Lego) lodged in her lower intestines.   As I drove away from the vet leaving her there for tests and I’m sure a hefty bill, I thought about our other dog Crosby, Daphne’s BFF that I had to have put down a couple years ago. Crosby was out first baby and he reluctantly put up with our growing family of another puppy and 3 kids. My kids adored their pets who sat and stared at me when ever they were being used as a pillow, had a blanket fort made around them, dressed up, walked around the yard on a leash and bathed in the kiddy pool. A time came about 3 years ago and Crosby was no longer the spry dog but a panic stricken mess that suffered from dementia and had grand mal seizures a couple times a day. The decision was made to end his suffering and our family fell apart. To my pleasant surprise my kids immediately went into our collection of  photo boxes and made a picture album all about Crosby and our family. It helped them slowly heal and understand in the end he was not the same happy dog they knew and loved. They understood that it was time.


The same was true today when I arrived home without Daphne and news that she was very sick and we’ll try what we can. My kid’s went to the photo boxes and pulled out everything that had to do with Daphne. My youngest made a card. My oldest daughter wrote a song and my son pinned some pictures on his bulletin board. Tears were involved too, but they all went to bed feeling a little better by sharing their feelings in a way they connected with. I did say bad comes in 3s didn’t I? I think if  that really true, my kids have created wonderful ways to help themselves cope. A lesson learned by a Mom of animals and kids alike.


Clutter by Jeff Betman Ph.D October 20, 2009

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I might as well tell you.

You will probably find out eventually.

Better to hear it from me.


I come from a long line of clutter.  My dad clutters, his dad did the same.  Even to this day, my dad keeps stuff for no apparent reason.  It is just how he is.

My parents recently had some water damage in their basement and I was helping to clean up old papers.  We went through boxes of receipts and stuff from 1986.


Come on.


Really.  I am not that bad, but probably left to my lazy, default behavior I can and could be even worse.

So, today’s topic is clutter.  In my opinion, clutter is stressful and takes up psychic space in your brain.  It drains your energy.  It is registers on your brain every time you see it.

If you have to find something, good luck in all that clutter.

Life is harder with clutter.  Everything is not in its place.

Besides, and I am putting myself first in line here, I think we all have too much stuff anyway.  If half my stuff magically disappeared, it would probably improve the quality and ease of my life.

Which brings me to a great book by Karen Kingston called Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui.  Now, you may or may not be a believer.  Doesn’t matter.  You don’t have to be a believer in gravity and it is still there.

Regardless, Ms. Kingston says something on page 37, which has had a big impact on me.  She states:  Keeping things “just in case” indicates a lack of trust in the future.  Wow.  A lack of trust.  Amazing.  Not trusting the world and the future, of course it makes sense to keep things.

For example, If I move out of my house and keep my garden hoses that is fine. But, what if I move into a condo?  Aren’t hoses available in most every state (that was a bad joke)?  Wouldn’t it be better to give the hose to someone who needs it here and now, and get another one down the road, if needed.  Less stuff to move, less stuff to have, less psychic mind space taken up, and an easier life.

Your Life Is Easy Coach,

Jeffrey A. Betman, Ph.D.

Jeffrey A. Betman, Ph.D. is a psychologist, author, and life coach helping people toward the easy life. For a FREE newsletter ($197 value) on making your life easier and FREE report titled 5 Steps To An Easy Life That You Probably Know, But Don’t Do Yet, go to

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10 things that don’t stress me out. October 14, 2009

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It is around 5:00 in the morning I cannot sleep. Hmm, I think, “I should get some work done”. Well, its not actually work, writing is simply typing organized thoughts. This a.m. with my body full of tension (which explains the sleeplessness) and coffee in hand I will share with you the things that don’t stress me out and maybe my body will listen.

  1. My desk – It holds my favorite things for me. The book I’m reading, the super cool silver nail polish I want to try, a notebook I write all my creative ideas, headphones and coffee cup full of coffee. There are more things but you get the idea.
  2. My car- it takes me to fun places, where I get to meet new and wonderful people, visit my parents, see amazing places outside of where I live.
  3. My kid’s laugh- when the whole-heartedly laugh the sound is priceless.
  4. Walking- I live by a small lake surrounded by paths and neighborhoods. It’s beautiful in the fall.
  5. True friends-They are always my advocate and just fun to be with. (Anyone who makes us laugh is a gift)
  6. Cooking- The process of chopping and creating a delicious meal while sipping a glass of wine on a Saturday afternoon makes me happy. Not to mention the lovely friends and family I get to share it with.
  7. My Dog Daphne- She is always by my side and happy to be around me.
  8. Sunshine coming through the window- Even though I’m a couple hours away from that actually happening right now. It gives me warm fuzzies on the coldest days.
  9. Comfy pants- Do I need to explain?
  10. Wine- A great glass of wine with some French bread and cheese, my fav.

Do you see? It is nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary, just simple everyday things that keep me going. What are some things in your life that don’t stress you out? It can be as simple as brushing your teeth to running a marathon. We all have our own lists. What is on yours?


Watch out for falling objects below September 29, 2009

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What is for dinner…what is for dinner?  Can the decision be made by looking into a pantry that has no rhyme or reason to it?  You are standing there staring a the fry-daddy you received for a wedding gift 10 years ago and never used, the 25 cans so cream of mushroom soup that you kept buying because you couldn’t remember if you had any, the jars of various holiday gifts from the office and boxes of dry goods that could stock a salvation army food kitchen. Sound familiar?

If you are like me sometimes meals are planned last minute and its hard to plan when you don’t know what your looking at and can’t put your thoughts in order.  Pantry organization is key for many different reasons.

You can,

plan instant meals.

Saves time

Dish out a prompt too dinner party

Delegate meals to family members and babysitters.

Provide a designated “snack” spot for your kids.

Other family members can help put away the groceries.

Getting a hold of your food stock takes some thought. One of the biggest challenges is the odd shape and sizes of food packaging. This is a challenge whether you have wire or solid shelving pantry. Are you ready to organize? Are you ready to know what you have at all times? Are you ready for efficiency in your kitchen and food preparation? Grab a cup of tea and lets get going!

To begin your counters and kitchen table should be free of clutter. You will need this space.

  1. Pull everything out of your pantry (yes, all of it)
  2. Group all the items on your counters and table according to “like items”
  3. Assess what you have and think of containers or organizers that would help contain. For example: Snacks that are individually wrapped can be taken out of their boxes and kept in an open bin. This way they are easy to grab and take up less space. Small mix packages and pasta that is not in a box can also be stored in a bin.
  4. Clean the shelves and floors of your pantry
  5. To place items back in remember this, snacks and cereal should be placed on a shelf that can be easily reached. Items you don’t use very often should be placed on the upper shelves. The lower shelves can be reserved for onions and potatoes, pop cans, larger storage items that are either heavy or need more space.
  6. Don’t forget about using the pantry door for storage and a free wall. Hooks can be installed for aprons, brooms and oven mitts. The options are limitless

If you are confused on what tools to use to organize your pantry, I suggest a trip to Bed Bath and beyond kitchen section to give you inspiration. Shelf dividers are a great addition and allow more useable storage space. It’s not that hard! To get your family on the same wave as you, label the shelves and bins to nicely remind everyone to do their part. Okay, now you can sit down and plan your grocery list because you can clearly see what you have. The best way to boast your accomplishment is take a picture and face book it! Congratulations, you did it. We are on to more things! Until next time, Cheers.

Next month I am focusing on your office!! No more lost papers. Tune into Blog Talk Radio, sign up for my newsletter and lets get your office organized!


Organize those bills today! September 23, 2009

The other day I tweeted on how I was cleaning up all the mess on my desk. It didn’t take me long to do because I have a system and place for everything. I received so many tweets back with comments like “I can’t remember the last time I saw my desk.” Or “ I attempted to do that a while ago and gave up.”  I think that organizing our offices and desk areas is one of the biggest issues in efficiency facing many of us today. Okay, you’re saying “Great Julie, now what?”

I’m going to go back to the desktop filing like I talked about in my video on YouTube, but lets look at it in a little different angle. Lets say that you are paying bills late and forgetting about them because you.

  1. Can’t find them
  2. Forgot about them
  3. Received an email, but it’s lost in your inbox.

These are not uncommon problems and you’d be surprised how many of us have them. That ends today! This is what you need to do.

  1. Get 4 folders and mark (better with a label maker) Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4. Do you get it? One week for each folder.
  2. Next divide you bills into 4 groups of what week they are due.
  3. The bills that you paperless write the name of the debtor on a 3×5 index card and place in the appropriate pile of when it is due.
  4. Place the pile of bills in the folder of the week BEFORE it is due.

Every week select a day to pay your bills and simply pull out the folder for that week and your bills be we paid on time! Remember when you get the mail go through and open all the bills and place in the corresponding folder. Even when you have misc bills such as the plumber or electrician their bills can be dropped in the proper folder so you don’t forget to pay. Do you get it? Why depend on your memory when you don’t have to? Good luck!


25 uses for plastic storage containers September 2, 2009

  1. Baking ingredient storage – flour, sugar (all kinds)
  2. General food s   torage – leftovers
  3. Organizing small toys
  4. Candles – tapers and votives
  5. Hair accessories
  6. Suntan lotion
  7. Crafts
  8. Markers, crayons and colored pencils
  9. Emergency kit for car and home – flash light, batteries, candles
  10. First aid kit for car and vacations
  11. Ribbon for gift wrapping
  12. Small extension cords
  13. Light bulbs – different sized
  14. Batteries
  15. In home tool kit
  16. Bottle and sippy cup tops
  17. Pet food storage
  18. Snacks – granola bars, fruit snack,
  19. Food packet storage – taco seasoning, soup mix
  20. Medicine storage – kids container and adult container
  21. Extra toiletries – tooth paste, tooth brushes
  22. Extra linens and blankets – for quests or seasonal
  23. Toys – large containers for stuffed animals, babies, barbies, trucks
  24. Extra office supplies – envelopes, pencils, copy paper
  25. Mail supplies – packing tape, sharpie, labels, stamps

The list can go on and on. Do you have more fab ideas? I want to know because I have a yet another give- a –way from Rubbermaid! Thanks to them I can send you a set with their Easy Find lids line. I own it and love it! Leave a comment or email me your great idea or just your name and I’ll draw a winner on Friday Thanks!
Rubbermaid veggie storage