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Keeping Track of Brainstorms October 12, 2009

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What do you do when a super great idea pops into your head? Do you keep it there only to forget most of it moments later? Do you write it down on a scrape piece of paper and miss place it under paper piles, as your workday gets moving? How many post-it notes do you have plastered around your office with ideas and thoughts? The truth is that I have been guilty of all these ways to remember a great idea in the mist of life. I definitely do not count on my brain to remember anymore because I suffer from an acute case of “Mommy brain”. Lets explore a couple tools you can use to store and revisit your great ideas.

  1. Record ideas on your phone. Many phones these days have a recording feature. This is great when you are driving to soccer practice or at the grocery store. My recordings download on to itunes and I can listen to them later when a quite moment has some how happened.
  2. Keep a small notebook with you at all times. The epiphany has shown it lovely head and you need to jot down those ideas before they leave with the next interruption.  Choose a notebook that you can easily fit in your handbag, pocket or car. If you are more of a visual person, writing down your thoughts will help you remember them.
  3. The priceless white board. The other day I tweeted about buying a white board for my office to help me brainstorm.  I purchased the largest one I could find, filled it up with ideas and guests for my Blog Talk Radio show and realized I need another one! I love it and the act of writing in different colors and just writing allows me to be even more creative.

Choose what works best for you or maybe a combination will work for you. To tell you the truth I use all three. When I’m in my office I like using my white board. I write in my notebook when I’m waiting for my daughter’s gymnastics to wind up or school to get out. (If I talk into my phone, people might wonder about my state of mind) My phone is great for car trips. When I drive longer distances to client’s homes or meetings, writing in a notebook is not recommended. Look around, look at your habits and schedule to choose the best system to archive your epiphanies. Who knows one could change your life!


Organize those bills today! September 23, 2009

The other day I tweeted on how I was cleaning up all the mess on my desk. It didn’t take me long to do because I have a system and place for everything. I received so many tweets back with comments like “I can’t remember the last time I saw my desk.” Or “ I attempted to do that a while ago and gave up.”  I think that organizing our offices and desk areas is one of the biggest issues in efficiency facing many of us today. Okay, you’re saying “Great Julie, now what?”

I’m going to go back to the desktop filing like I talked about in my video on YouTube, but lets look at it in a little different angle. Lets say that you are paying bills late and forgetting about them because you.

  1. Can’t find them
  2. Forgot about them
  3. Received an email, but it’s lost in your inbox.

These are not uncommon problems and you’d be surprised how many of us have them. That ends today! This is what you need to do.

  1. Get 4 folders and mark (better with a label maker) Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4. Do you get it? One week for each folder.
  2. Next divide you bills into 4 groups of what week they are due.
  3. The bills that you paperless write the name of the debtor on a 3×5 index card and place in the appropriate pile of when it is due.
  4. Place the pile of bills in the folder of the week BEFORE it is due.

Every week select a day to pay your bills and simply pull out the folder for that week and your bills be we paid on time! Remember when you get the mail go through and open all the bills and place in the corresponding folder. Even when you have misc bills such as the plumber or electrician their bills can be dropped in the proper folder so you don’t forget to pay. Do you get it? Why depend on your memory when you don’t have to? Good luck!


Do you need a professional organizer? 10 questions to ask yourself. August 22, 2009

1.   Is there a stack of unopened mail on your kitchen counter or stuffed in drawers or piled on a        shelf?

2.    Do you frequently pay bills late simply because you cannot find them or forgot about them?

3.    Do you feel overwhelmed when you open any closet in your home? Do you throw things in the closet when you don’t know what else to do with it?

4.    Where is all your kid’s artwork? In a pile somewhere in the basement, or the ole closet trick.

5.    Is the desk in your home office covered in papers? How does your filing system look? Do you have a filing system?

6.    Are you working as efficiently as you think you can?

7.    Do you have trouble keeping track of the schedules for your family, yourself or employees?

8.    How about your kid’s toys? Are they all over your home and office? Do they never get picked up because by the end of the day you’re too tired and really have no idea where they go?

9.    Are you embarrassed to have people over? If a client entered your home office today how would you feel? What impression would you make?

10.   When its time to make a meal or a snack, do you have a hard time finding the right items? Do you keep buying the same things because they get pushed to the back of the cabinet and forgotten?

I really could go on and on with the questions. As you probably noticed I included a couple more questions in some of the numbers. It comes down to this, you’re busy, many people who depend on you. It could be running your household, kids, business and everything else that comes with it.  How much less stress and time would you save by having an organized home and office? I bet I know the answer because I also have a family, run a business and household and everything in between. It’s time for you to change – start today.  Email Julie at Organized Home Inc and begin.

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