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How to organize and spring clean your home April 21, 2010

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What are you working on? What are your spring project goals? I just sent a group message to my facebook followers with that question.  Spring seems to be the time where we start itching to clean out the garage to our closets.  What is your project? In case some of you haven’t noticed I have been MIA for a while. I have been doing a sort of “spring-cleaning” myself. I have been going through my entire house, getting rid of what I don’t want or need and keeping only what I truly need.  I have just gone through a divorce and dividing the assets really makes you think.  I know this is a loaded question, but if you had to pack up only your favorite things, could you do it? Would you even know where to begin? At first I had a long list of things I though I could not live with out, but as time progressed I almost got to the point where I just wanted to sell it all.  If you think about it, it’s just stuff. It can be replaced.

When we turn our efforts to spring cleaning (don’t worry I’m not going to tell you to get rid of it all) I want you to seriously think of these three things.

  1. Do I truly love it? Does it make me happy?
  2. Does it serve some sort of purpose that makes my life run more smoothly and efficiently?
  3. Does it have monetary value? If you don’t love it sell it. If you do treat it like what it’s worth.

I am sharing this with you out of experience with my clients and myself. Surrounding our selves with only the things we love and that make our lives easier. (No I’m not talking about men) So lets select our spring-cleaning area, make our plan and get started. We know how fast summer goes by and things get busy as usual. Spring clean away my friends. I guarantee you will feel lighter and freer. The energy that fills you will give you the confidence to tackle more projects. You can do it!