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Bad news comes in 3s December 1, 2009

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They say bad news always comes in 3s. It seems to me when something big hits, in the back of my mind I wait for the other 2 to roll in soon. Recently I took my sick dog Daphne to the vet. The poor old girl had not been herself and I had fears of some foreign object (Lego) lodged in her lower intestines.   As I drove away from the vet leaving her there for tests and I’m sure a hefty bill, I thought about our other dog Crosby, Daphne’s BFF that I had to have put down a couple years ago. Crosby was out first baby and he reluctantly put up with our growing family of another puppy and 3 kids. My kids adored their pets who sat and stared at me when ever they were being used as a pillow, had a blanket fort made around them, dressed up, walked around the yard on a leash and bathed in the kiddy pool. A time came about 3 years ago and Crosby was no longer the spry dog but a panic stricken mess that suffered from dementia and had grand mal seizures a couple times a day. The decision was made to end his suffering and our family fell apart. To my pleasant surprise my kids immediately went into our collection of  photo boxes and made a picture album all about Crosby and our family. It helped them slowly heal and understand in the end he was not the same happy dog they knew and loved. They understood that it was time.


The same was true today when I arrived home without Daphne and news that she was very sick and we’ll try what we can. My kid’s went to the photo boxes and pulled out everything that had to do with Daphne. My youngest made a card. My oldest daughter wrote a song and my son pinned some pictures on his bulletin board. Tears were involved too, but they all went to bed feeling a little better by sharing their feelings in a way they connected with. I did say bad comes in 3s didn’t I? I think if  that really true, my kids have created wonderful ways to help themselves cope. A lesson learned by a Mom of animals and kids alike.


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