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Thanksgiving Resolutions November 23, 2009

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Resolutions?  Now? On Thanks Giving?  I know I know I’m a month and a half ahead of myself on the epiphany and release of having a New Year to start all over again.  Why do I have to wait until the holidays are over to start anew?  Creating peace in your mind before you’re thrown into the family and financial strain of what seems like eternal togetherness of the season.  An organized brain leads to inner peace in your mind and home.  Resolving early on can help you and your family enjoy the entire holiday season for all its worth.


Since Thanks giving is in a couple days let’s start with just 3 things you can reasonably execute now.  I don’t believe that a huge list of 10 things all at once is a fair and easily attained goal to ask the average person.  For example one goal may be to not go overboard on the holiday gift giving so you can start your New Year on the right foot.  Three resolutions is a great goal and if you find that they have been achieved and resolved then go on to the next 3 on your list.  Having a goal to get you through the holiday season can guide you and help keep your eyes on the horizon, the next phase the finish line or whatever you want to call it.


Our holiday season is for enjoying what we have and the blessing is to give us the chance to renew and regenerate.  We can gain new courage to change the things that have been hanging over us.  We can create a new plan that changes things that are not working at the moment.  We reconnect with our family and recognize new potential.  My mantra and you will find that I repeat this over and over again.  If you have the right plan and find the right tools and have a few of our favorite people on your side you can achieve the goals that fill your mind and your heart.  Happy Thanks Giving everyone.  Cheers!


2 Responses to “Thanksgiving Resolutions”

  1. Yvonne Perry Says:

    I like your idea. I will save the diet resolutions until New Year’s Day.

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