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Thanksgiving Resolutions November 23, 2009

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Resolutions?  Now? On Thanks Giving?  I know I know I’m a month and a half ahead of myself on the epiphany and release of having a New Year to start all over again.  Why do I have to wait until the holidays are over to start anew?  Creating peace in your mind before you’re thrown into the family and financial strain of what seems like eternal togetherness of the season.  An organized brain leads to inner peace in your mind and home.  Resolving early on can help you and your family enjoy the entire holiday season for all its worth.


Since Thanks giving is in a couple days let’s start with just 3 things you can reasonably execute now.  I don’t believe that a huge list of 10 things all at once is a fair and easily attained goal to ask the average person.  For example one goal may be to not go overboard on the holiday gift giving so you can start your New Year on the right foot.  Three resolutions is a great goal and if you find that they have been achieved and resolved then go on to the next 3 on your list.  Having a goal to get you through the holiday season can guide you and help keep your eyes on the horizon, the next phase the finish line or whatever you want to call it.


Our holiday season is for enjoying what we have and the blessing is to give us the chance to renew and regenerate.  We can gain new courage to change the things that have been hanging over us.  We can create a new plan that changes things that are not working at the moment.  We reconnect with our family and recognize new potential.  My mantra and you will find that I repeat this over and over again.  If you have the right plan and find the right tools and have a few of our favorite people on your side you can achieve the goals that fill your mind and your heart.  Happy Thanks Giving everyone.  Cheers!


Organize the junk in your junk drawer November 8, 2009

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How junkie is your junk drawer? I really don’t like the term “junk drawer” It should be called “odds and ends” drawer or “things I need “ drawer.


What do we keep in the drawers? They are usually things we find around the house that really don’t have a home or we don’t have time to subcategorize them. All those little pieces we find throughout our home.  What does a professional organizer keep in her junk drawer?

Hmmmm lets see. I have a couple buttons. Some chalk.  I have a couple marbles (you never know when you need more) rubber bands, paperclips, barrettes (for my daughter who is growing out her bangs). Really all kinds of crap.

Sometimes I encounter a client who has several “odds and ends” drawers.  Everything just ends up being thrown in them because we are to busy or…say it with me…they don’t have a true home!

Here are a couple things that you need to have available…but not in the odds and ends drawer.  A handy little toolbox.  This is perfect for changing those pesky batteries that toys seem to burn through; hanging a picture; or putting together some great find from Ikea.  What ever it is have a tool kit and keep in on the shelf in your coat closet or back hall.  It will be easy to access and put away.

Another thing you need is a separate container for batteries, especially if you have children.  Lord knows we go through the batteries with all the flashing and noisy toys.  A plastic shoebox size container will contain all kinds of batteries and protect your things incase one decides to leak. Plus I don’t know if you have ever noticed, they smell. Those are 2 things that should not end up in your odds and ends drawer.

Okay so what is left?  Some rubber bands; paperclips; a flashlight? (That could go in an emergency kit) loose change; all those little things you pickup through out the house and know they belong to something but are not quite sure.

The key is you need to go through that drawer once in a while.  Set a doable schedule like every six months and if you have time or the energy possible every 3 or 4 months.   If you have a junk drawer rethink what it could be called.  An odds and ends drawer sounds much better.  We have to have a place where we keep those items.  If one particular category keeps ending up in the drawer create a new category for it and store it somewhere else. A closet, a shelf in the garage, somewhere easy to access. Remember to label the containers

If you create the plan and give your family the right tools they will follow your lead.


Organize a pantry in simple speedy steps November 2, 2009

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What is for dinner…what is for dinner?  Can you decide by looking into a pantry that has no rhyme or reason?  You are standing there staring a the fry-daddy you received for a wedding gift 10 years ago and never used, the 25 cans of cream of mushroom soup that you kept buying because you couldn’t remember if you had any. Are there jars of various holiday gifts from the office and boxes of dry goods that could stock a Salvation Army food kitchen. Sound familiar?


If you are like me sometimes meals are planned last minute and its hard to plan when you don’t know what your looking at and can’t put your thoughts in order.  Pantry organization is key for many different reasons.

You can,

1. Plan instant meals.

2. Save time

3. Dish out a prompt to dinner party

4. Delegate meals to family members and babysitters.

5. Provide a designated “snack” spot for your kids.

6. Other family members can help put away the groceries.


Getting a hold of your food stock takes some thought. One of the biggest challenges is the odd shape and sizes of food packaging. This is a challenge whether you have wire or solid shelving pantry. Are you ready to organize? Are you ready to know what you have at all times? Are you ready for efficiency in your kitchen and food preparation? Grab a cup of tea and lets get going!


To begin your counters and kitchen table should be free of clutter. You will need this space.

  1. Pull everything out of your pantry (yes, all of it)
  2. Group all the items on your counters and table according to “like items”
  3. Assess what you have and think of containers or organizers that would help contain. For example: Snacks that are individually wrapped can be taken out of their boxes and kept in an open bin. This way they are easy to grab and take up less space. Small mix packages and pasta that is not in a box can also be stored in a bin. Shelf dividers are great for doubling your space. Think can storage.
  4. Clean the shelves and floors of your pantry
  5. Throw away any item that is just about gone or expired. An unopened package or can that you know you will not use, place in a box to donate.
  6. To place items back in remember this, snacks and cereal should be placed on a shelf that can be easily reached. Items you don’t use very often should be placed on the upper shelves. The lower shelves can be reserved for onions and potatoes, pop cans, larger storage items that are either heavy or need more space.
  7. Don’t forget about using the pantry door for storage and a free wall. Hooks can be installed for aprons, brooms and oven mitts. The options are limitless.
  8. Last but not least. If you don’t use it don’t keep it. The fry daddy you got for a wedding gift 10 years ago can go to Good Will.


If you are confused on what tools to use to organize your pantry, I suggest a trip to Bed Bath and beyond or Targets kitchen section to give you inspiration. It’s not that hard once you get started! To get your family on the same wave as you, label the shelves and bins to nicely remind everyone to do their part. Okay, now you can sit down and plan your grocery list because you can clearly see what you have. The best way to boast your accomplishment is to take a picture and face book it! Lets your friends pat you on the back. Congratulations, you did it. We are on to more things! Until next time, Cheers.