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Clutter by Jeff Betman Ph.D October 20, 2009

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I might as well tell you.

You will probably find out eventually.

Better to hear it from me.


I come from a long line of clutter.  My dad clutters, his dad did the same.  Even to this day, my dad keeps stuff for no apparent reason.  It is just how he is.

My parents recently had some water damage in their basement and I was helping to clean up old papers.  We went through boxes of receipts and stuff from 1986.


Come on.


Really.  I am not that bad, but probably left to my lazy, default behavior I can and could be even worse.

So, today’s topic is clutter.  In my opinion, clutter is stressful and takes up psychic space in your brain.  It drains your energy.  It is registers on your brain every time you see it.

If you have to find something, good luck in all that clutter.

Life is harder with clutter.  Everything is not in its place.

Besides, and I am putting myself first in line here, I think we all have too much stuff anyway.  If half my stuff magically disappeared, it would probably improve the quality and ease of my life.

Which brings me to a great book by Karen Kingston called Clear Your Clutter With Feng Shui.  Now, you may or may not be a believer.  Doesn’t matter.  You don’t have to be a believer in gravity and it is still there.

Regardless, Ms. Kingston says something on page 37, which has had a big impact on me.  She states:  Keeping things “just in case” indicates a lack of trust in the future.  Wow.  A lack of trust.  Amazing.  Not trusting the world and the future, of course it makes sense to keep things.

For example, If I move out of my house and keep my garden hoses that is fine. But, what if I move into a condo?  Aren’t hoses available in most every state (that was a bad joke)?  Wouldn’t it be better to give the hose to someone who needs it here and now, and get another one down the road, if needed.  Less stuff to move, less stuff to have, less psychic mind space taken up, and an easier life.

Your Life Is Easy Coach,

Jeffrey A. Betman, Ph.D.

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10 things that don’t stress me out. October 14, 2009

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It is around 5:00 in the morning I cannot sleep. Hmm, I think, “I should get some work done”. Well, its not actually work, writing is simply typing organized thoughts. This a.m. with my body full of tension (which explains the sleeplessness) and coffee in hand I will share with you the things that don’t stress me out and maybe my body will listen.

  1. My desk – It holds my favorite things for me. The book I’m reading, the super cool silver nail polish I want to try, a notebook I write all my creative ideas, headphones and coffee cup full of coffee. There are more things but you get the idea.
  2. My car- it takes me to fun places, where I get to meet new and wonderful people, visit my parents, see amazing places outside of where I live.
  3. My kid’s laugh- when the whole-heartedly laugh the sound is priceless.
  4. Walking- I live by a small lake surrounded by paths and neighborhoods. It’s beautiful in the fall.
  5. True friends-They are always my advocate and just fun to be with. (Anyone who makes us laugh is a gift)
  6. Cooking- The process of chopping and creating a delicious meal while sipping a glass of wine on a Saturday afternoon makes me happy. Not to mention the lovely friends and family I get to share it with.
  7. My Dog Daphne- She is always by my side and happy to be around me.
  8. Sunshine coming through the window- Even though I’m a couple hours away from that actually happening right now. It gives me warm fuzzies on the coldest days.
  9. Comfy pants- Do I need to explain?
  10. Wine- A great glass of wine with some French bread and cheese, my fav.

Do you see? It is nothing fancy, nothing out of the ordinary, just simple everyday things that keep me going. What are some things in your life that don’t stress you out? It can be as simple as brushing your teeth to running a marathon. We all have our own lists. What is on yours?


Keeping Track of Brainstorms October 12, 2009

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What do you do when a super great idea pops into your head? Do you keep it there only to forget most of it moments later? Do you write it down on a scrape piece of paper and miss place it under paper piles, as your workday gets moving? How many post-it notes do you have plastered around your office with ideas and thoughts? The truth is that I have been guilty of all these ways to remember a great idea in the mist of life. I definitely do not count on my brain to remember anymore because I suffer from an acute case of “Mommy brain”. Lets explore a couple tools you can use to store and revisit your great ideas.

  1. Record ideas on your phone. Many phones these days have a recording feature. This is great when you are driving to soccer practice or at the grocery store. My recordings download on to itunes and I can listen to them later when a quite moment has some how happened.
  2. Keep a small notebook with you at all times. The epiphany has shown it lovely head and you need to jot down those ideas before they leave with the next interruption.  Choose a notebook that you can easily fit in your handbag, pocket or car. If you are more of a visual person, writing down your thoughts will help you remember them.
  3. The priceless white board. The other day I tweeted about buying a white board for my office to help me brainstorm.  I purchased the largest one I could find, filled it up with ideas and guests for my Blog Talk Radio show and realized I need another one! I love it and the act of writing in different colors and just writing allows me to be even more creative.

Choose what works best for you or maybe a combination will work for you. To tell you the truth I use all three. When I’m in my office I like using my white board. I write in my notebook when I’m waiting for my daughter’s gymnastics to wind up or school to get out. (If I talk into my phone, people might wonder about my state of mind) My phone is great for car trips. When I drive longer distances to client’s homes or meetings, writing in a notebook is not recommended. Look around, look at your habits and schedule to choose the best system to archive your epiphanies. Who knows one could change your life!