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10 ways to use under bed storage July 7, 2009

  1. Shoes – there are specific under bed shoe storage containers.
  2. Sweaters – seasonal clothing
  3. Bedding – pillows, blankets, sheets
  4. Seasonal outerwear – In the summer hats, mittens, scarves – In the winter beach towels and swimsuits.
  5. Great place for “time out” toys.
  6. Extra gifts purchased for emergencies.
  7. Books and magazines
  8. Toys for your kids while you take a shower.
  9. Clothing that no longer fits and needs to be donated
  10. Extra supplies – toilet paper, deodorant, shampoo, anything you pick up several of on sale.

There are so many more ideas for under bed storage. Do you have a great one? Let me know and the most creative one will receive an awesome give-a-way by The Pin Wheel Girl and a must have for all. (Its a surprise)


9 Responses to “10 ways to use under bed storage”

  1. Jane Says:

    I like to use underbed storage for toy rotation. Since kids get soo many toys these days, I divide them in 4 and rotate quarterly. The kids don’t get bored by what they have, and there’s that much less to tidy at day’s end.

  2. Liz Jenkins Says:

    In my daughter’s room, her under bed storage is separate bins for toys. Her floors are wood, so the bins are canvas (they slide easily). One is Barbie’s, one is Ponies, one is Betty Spaghetti, and her Barbie VW Beetle which rolls right on out. We also store her sleeping bad under there. This way she can sit on the floor and simply pull out the bins she wants when she plays, then put the items away and slide them back under. Creates a minimal amount of effort which, as you know, is the best for kids (well, for anyone!).
    In our bedroom, our under bed storage is for quilts. My husband’s grandmother made quilts and we have dozens. So they are all stored in plastic bins and we rotate them throughout the year. We hated to pack them away – they are meant to be used.
    You can also make additional space by using bed risers to give more height – this lets you store more stuff if you need it. I love your idea of things to be donated – you can keep a box going until it’s full or you are ready to take it somewhere, and the gifts (this is always an issue for people. For the gifts, you could also store wrapping paper & cards in a bin right next to them so it’s all together when you need it.
    One more thing we store under there is our cat, George. He has ripped out the lining and made himself a comfy spot in there. Our other cat, Sadie, likes to be stored there as well so sometimes there’s a little ruckus going on but for the most part, cat storage under a bed works out quite well.

  3. Ellie Says:

    I store extra groceries under my bed. I have 2-4 cases of water under my bed at any time, plus 2 rolling underbed boxes (we have hardwood floors) with cans of soup, Tupperware, extra plastic spoons and forks, cans of fruit, boxes of rice and even extra candy and snacks!

    This way, I can stop my roommates from eating my food and also see what I’m running low on quickly and easily!

  4. If you are short of storage space under the bed can be perfect. I have seen crafters use it to store fold-away craft tables, 12×12 paper totes, photo boxes and embellishment totes. That way when they have a few minutes to craft in their small home, it is only a few minutes before they are at it. It is all in one spot and easy to put away.

    • Tammy, Great idea. I know its hard to organize craft items. There are so many little pieces and categories. I once organized an entire room just for scrap booking. Not all of us are so lucky. 🙂

  5. Laura Says:

    I do fostering for dogs and the Rescue provides a dog crate for use if needed. Its quite large and bulky but folded down it slides perfectly under the bed! The dogs “store” their toys under the bed and the cat “stores” himself under the bed since the dogs can’t get to him under there, lol.

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