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Elephant #3 Blog July 22, 2009

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Do you know how sometimes we make a life changing decision and feel firm in the fact that it’s not made on a whim, but a product of complete and honest soul searching? You come to the final decision or realization and someone throws a wrench into the whole system and makes you feel doubt full again? I hate that. I have recently gone through the very same situation and now I need to step back and regroup. It stinks because I hate doubting myself, because no life changing decision I make is ever without great thought. I am capable of flying by the seat of my pants and have done it. Some were good decisions and some where not, but no harm was done.

I really did take that elephant I’ve been talking about head on, but the damn animal threw a big wrench at me. Now I feel paralyzed and that is so not a good feeling. I had this charge of individuality, spirituality and emotion and now it has been squished into something I didn’t want. Once again I feel like I am suffocating and trapped. Ewww how awful does this all sound?  How depressing? What can I do about it?

1. Shrivel up, move backwards and give up.

2. Do nothing and it will remain the same.

3. Get angry

4. Pick myself up, dust myself off and start all over again.

I don’t know about you, but number 4 sounds like the best idea. Here you are probably saying ”Duh, Julie”.  Why is it that the most obvious answers are the most difficult? That is what makes us stronger doesn’t it? If everything were easy we’d all be shallow and emotionless. That is something that I do not want to be or ever have been. So, what do you think I should do?

1. Stand my ground.

2. Know my thoughts and feelings.

3. Speak my mind in an organized manor.

4. Catch the wrench and throw it back.

Keep trying, just like everything else we face through out our lives. We do it with our kids, businesses, friends, finances, family, spouses and so on and so on. When we keep trying successes do happen. My son finally gets a triple in baseball. My daughter creates the best drawing of a shoe I’ve ever seen. My youngest finally understands how to count change. I have a business that allows me to write, help others, be creative and share these experiences with my kids. Got to love that! Elephant or no elephant all challenges make us stronger. I will wish and pray for guidance in your challenges and please do so for mine. Thank you my friends.


10 ways to use under bed storage July 7, 2009

  1. Shoes – there are specific under bed shoe storage containers.
  2. Sweaters – seasonal clothing
  3. Bedding – pillows, blankets, sheets
  4. Seasonal outerwear – In the summer hats, mittens, scarves – In the winter beach towels and swimsuits.
  5. Great place for “time out” toys.
  6. Extra gifts purchased for emergencies.
  7. Books and magazines
  8. Toys for your kids while you take a shower.
  9. Clothing that no longer fits and needs to be donated
  10. Extra supplies – toilet paper, deodorant, shampoo, anything you pick up several of on sale.

There are so many more ideas for under bed storage. Do you have a great one? Let me know and the most creative one will receive an awesome give-a-way by The Pin Wheel Girl and a must have for all. (Its a surprise)


Standing up to the elephant July 2, 2009

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I was at the Doctor with my son the other day. The Doctor said something so simple and obvious and it hit me like a snowball. You see we were at my son’s physiatrist reviewing his meds for ADHD and emotion management issues.  He said when we feel anxious, frustrated and impatient with the things going on around us, there is an internal struggle. Bam!


Yesterday I was impatient, anxious and frustrated at my kids and with the state of my house. Not until I stopped and thought of why I was being so unpleasant did I realize that it had nothing to do with my kids (don’t get me wrong they have their moments) or the state of my house, it was the freaking elephant I’ve been talking about.


Okay, Julie take a deep breath, stand up straight and face it. Last night was the time. I spoke my words and stood my ground. There was resistance and there still is, but my feelings and thoughts are out there. The dark heavy cloud that has been baring its weight on my shoulders is getting lighter. I know that this path that I have chosen will be difficult, but the person that has unveiled itself once again longs to be free.


I compare the feeling to when I visit a big city. The electrical energy that flows from the buildings and streets is addictive. The sense of all the possibilities that lay before me is intoxicating and I want it!


I take a deep breath and stand before the elephant; although it is faded it still exists. I will keep going. I will persevere.  My friends those are the thoughts racing in my mind today. Right now I’m going to play a game with my kids.