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Let go and jump June 30, 2009

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Do you ever get sick of doing projects? I do, or did about 2 years ago. While I was sitting in my home thinking about the “projects” that needed to be done in my home and in my life I used up all my energy sitting and thinking. When it came time for me to actually do something about it, I was too tired. Sounds like a vicious circle doesn’t it?

 The beginning of the summer sparked the official “Julie get off your ass” season and I am happy to tell you progress is being made. My son will be entering middle school next year and we decided it was time to redo his room. The toy box with the song Row, Row, Row, your boat on it had to go. His collection of bunnies was well out grown, and the legos are collecting dust.

All his belonging had been moved to my dining room so we could paint. My son and I decided that only his favorite things would go back into his room. We sat in the middle of the mess and went through each item, toss, donate, and store. I gave him three trash bags and proceeded to pick up one thing at a time and he was amazing! For a kid who is so sensitive and emotionally attached to objects, he was ready to clear out!  His quick decisions and our project of painting sparked the flame we needed to tackle other jobs in the house. We could not have accomplished the decluttering project unless he was ready to let go of some of those belongings.

 Unless we are ready to “let go” we just are not ready yet. Its hard to wait sometimes when you’re standing at the edge and your mind is screaming “Okay Now!….Now!” but your legs just won’t let you jump. Jumping will only happen when we are ready to let go. Just like my son with his room. Just like me with other life decisions I need to make. Its time, get rid of the stuff and jump.


Organizing my insides and facing the elephant. June 22, 2009

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Have you ever felt that you have so much to take care of and do, that none of it gets done? The thoughts swirl around in your head and even if they are written down, still don’t make sense?


Have you ever been asked,” So what did you do all day?” You know it was busy, but what was accomplished? Recently, I have been tweeting that I need to work on writing my blog and enewsletter. It has hung over me like a like a big question mark taunting and saying to me “What are you gonna do about it Julie?” My biggest frustration was that I had no motivation to even start. It is time for me to sit down and look, really look within for what was stopping me. I, in other words need to organize myself from the inside before I can deal and succeed in the other areas of my life.


What needs to be organized? What is up with that big question mark hanging over my head? I realized that there is a big issue that I am avoiding and it is preventing me from moving on. I have gone as far as I can go and now I need to address the elephant in the room.


Do you share that same antsy feeling like there are so many things to do and accomplish, but one piece of the puzzle is missing. Like there is one thing that needs to be taken care of before any further leaps and bounds can be made. Maybe you need to finish those last couple classes you have left over; Take control of your finances and learn a better way of dealing with your money; maybe it’s mending a friendship or leaving one. Whatever the elephant is for you, running at it full steam is the only way to stand up to it and eventually it will disappear.


That is why I am taking a brief break today in my typical hands on organizing blogs to discuss our insides and making sure they can keep up with the outside demands. I’d love for you to follow me on this journey to address my elephant. I promise not to make is all “Soul searching” but, I’ll pop one in here and there. 


On a side note, I just did a video on primping your purse. I’m not used to being on video, so you guys will be my judges. Please be gentle. I haven’t posted it yet, but will very soon. Keep a look out!


Cleaning out your closet (Really!) June 3, 2009

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Cleaning out your closet doesn’t have to be an ominous task. Think of it as a cleansing for your spirit, while discovering a way to make some extra cash and helping someone in need.  You can’t beat that! So turn off the boob tube, grab a diet coke and crank up the music. 


You will need a couple items before you begin, 3 boxes of some kind, laundry baskets, Rubbermaid bins, and anything you have on hand. If you have an onslaught of wire hangers consider replacing them with plastic or sturdier hanger.  Last but not least, a clock with a 2nd hand.  (Yes, you will be required to make quick decisions)  Mark your 3 bins,

  1. Consignment – Clothing that is in good condition and classic style.
  2. Not wearable – clothing that is ripped or torn.
  3. Donate – Clothing that no longer fits you, or you have not worn in a year.


You are ready! Start at one end of your closet and work you way thru. Use the second had on your clock, and don’t take any longer that 5 seconds to make the decision whether to keep, consign or donate. 


Pull out any clothing or shoes with these 3 things in mind

  1. Is the item ripped, torn or damaged in any way?
  2. Is it out of style?
  3. It has not been worn in 1 year. (I know you’ve heard that before, but it still holds true)

Remember you are a clearing and organizing machine. Don’t answer your phone or turn on the TV or you will become distracted. Keep working throughout your entire closet.  If you are on fire at this point keep going through your dresser drawers, under the bed, night side tables and the chair in the corner with the pile of clothes on it.


Could it be that easy?  Yes! It is. Now that you have piles of clothing you no long need or use, your saying “Okay, Julie, now what?” I have the solution for you with these 3 steps.

  1. Locate a consignment shop in your area. They will accept clothing in season, with a return of %50 to %60 for a 90-day consignment length. You also can consider donating your wearable business wear to you local Women’s Resource Center. They assist Women, who need a second chance for a fresh start on life.
  2. The clothing that is in your donate pile bring to Good will, Salvation Army or your local place of worship.  Smile, knowing you are helping others who are in need.  The clothing that is not wearable is accepted at places such as Good will. They send it to fabric recycling places.  Check with your local Good Will, 
  3. Your closet, when arranging the clothes left in your closet arrange by color and season. If you have a simple hanging bar with a shelf above, and no sign of a closet organizing system.  Consider a less expensive fix by purchasing canvas-organizing units.  They come in great patterns and colors to spice up any closet. They hang from your hanging bar. The units have designated uses, for example there is one for shoes, sweaters and shirts.  The system will allow you to always know where and what type of clothing you are reaching for.

Congratulations!  You are done.  Nice job, you should be very proud of yourself. Its time to treat yourself to a skinny latte and relish in all your hard work.  You’ve accomplished organization, made money, helped someone in need and recycled.  Today the closet, tomorrow the kitchen!