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Primping your purse May 28, 2009

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Picture this, you’re standing in line at the grocery store, child in tow (who is probably asking you to buy candy). Your cell phone rings, it could be the important call you have been waiting for so, as you blindly dig in your purse with one hand and load the conveyer belt with the other, then your phone beeps and goes to voice mail.  Now, if you can just find that coupon (which is amazing you remembered you had it in the first place) and your wallet.


Does any of this sound familiar? We have so many choices of sizes and styles of handbags these days.  Some are easier to keep order in than others. I could go on to tell you what to search for in an organized hand bag, but the truth is sometimes the bag that screams “You’ve got to have me” is not the most practical. I can be a slave to fashion just a well as the next girl. Plus, who doesn’t feel awesome carrying a super cool bag.


I have assembled a fashionable and practical way (yes, those 2 words can be in the same sentence) to organize your handbag.


You will need-

– A wallet of your own personal choice and size.

– A small cosmetic bag, I like the clear ones.

– A long flat bag that fits into your purse.



  1. I know some of us carry more in our handbags than others. Start by dumping the contents out and get rid of the trash, old receipts and that candy bar you felt to guilty to eat.
  2. Group the contents into like item and like sizes. Let’s go from group to group and choose the best size to fit into that your “just had to get it” bag.
  3. Cosmetic bag – If you are on like me and carry several choices of lip color and glosses. (If I don’t they will be left behind and I’ll will be bare lipped) Yikes! A small cosmetic bag should do the trick. Look for a clear one, so picking the right color is a little easier.
  4. A longer case – This is for pens, feminine products, hair ties, etc. I even carry a wine opener (cause you never know) this keeps all those little pieces from floating around the bottom of your purse. Just look twice before you hand the guy next to you, your pen!
  5. Wallet – Any kind chose the one that works best for you.
  6. Notebook – You know, the notebook for writing information, numbers and websites that you come across during the day.
  7.  A case for business cards – No more dog-ears and missed opportunities.
  8. Keys – How much time do you spend a day looking for your keys? Five minutes, ten? Those elusive things. It’s kind of like the ole missing sock from the dryer, you know you put it in there and now it has disappeared. Other than safety pinning your socks together I don’t have any other answers at this time. The keys are easier to find if you have some recognizable key chain attached to them.  If there is a clip to hook it to in the inside of your bag or simply keep it in the pocket of your purse inside or out.
  9. Cell phones – Many handbags these days have outside pockets or a couple small inside pockets. The outside pocket works swimmingly for cell phone storage. Easy access when you are on the run or juggling in the grocery store line.


Isn’t it great that you can be productive, practical and a fashioniesta all at the same time? Heck yeah! I think its time to celebrate with a frappachino (skinny of course) and a little shopping at your fav boutique. Cheers!


Organized Home, Inc Giveaway | May 13, 2009

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I found this fascinating quote today:

Organized Home, Inc has offered one lucky entry a chance to receive Coach Chat 1 for FREE. This is exciting, because as you may or may not know keeping your home and yourself organized is another way to help you achieve your work at home goals. If you can organize your home & your life then you can manage your business better.Organized Home, Inc Giveaway |, May 2009

You should read the whole article.


Rubbermaid and the fuzz in the fridge May 6, 2009

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A while ago I tweeted a Fast Five for everyone to take five minutes and throw out anything in their fridge that was green and not supposed to be. It was great, I had so many replies telling me now their fridge was empty and others were afraid to look in the various plastic containers that had put up camp inside the cold box of mystery. I want to see a raise of hands of who has just thrown away the entire plastic container in repulsion just thinking about the experiment brewing with in. You can’t see me, but I’m raising both hands.
Another issue we all frequently have is storage of plastic containers and the battle of the lids? I was helping a client with her container issue and she had so any lids  she kept them in a Rubbermaid bin in the pantry. We sorted through the sea of plastic and were left with 5 containers for her to keep in a cabinet and used the Rubbermaid bin for other storage.


I’ve had the pleasure of trying out Rubbermaid’s new line of “easy find lids”. The lids stack together and the bottom of the container snaps onto the lid. It all makes a very neat stack. And for those of you who know me, I love neat stacks? The containers themselves are clear and made of hard plastic. Have you ever used a storage product made specifically for fruits and veggies? The “produce saver” did just that, it saved my produce from getting dried out or moldy. It is so much easier to find a quick snack or meal or see which left over has been staying at the Inn too long. When the storage containers are similar shapes and stack neatly in the fridge. A very efficient use of space and storage. Just how I like it. All the containers were medium to small good for small leftovers and food storage. A great way to prevent the growth of unwanted fuzz.


Take back your bedroom! Organize in an afternoon May 1, 2009

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Your bedroom is probably the most personal space in your home.  When you walk into your bedroom, how does it make you feel? Do you get that feeling of Ahhhh, or does it wind you up tight like the reaction you get when your dog runs in the house with muddy paws?  A bedroom should be a place of serenity and respite. We keep our cherished positions there and comforts. For storage no matter what size you bedroom is, making use of the closet space, dresser and under bed storage makes all the difference.  I touched on the importance of closet organizational systems last month.  They utilize every inch you have for your investment of clothing and shoes. Dressers allow for the folded items that do not fit in your closet, makeup, and hair accessories. Under bed storage can be used for seasonal items, shoe storage or extra linens.


The master bedroom at my home is small with limited closet space.  I have a closet system to utilize the crazy space that was built into my home. I have an antique bureau that I love with huge deep drawers.  My bedside tables come equip with a top drawer and doors underneath. I store books and magazines on my side and don’t even know what my husband has on his side!  (Ladies sometimes you can only do so much)  Seriously, I think there are some clothes in there.


Avoid the piles of clothing that seem to procreate overnight by providing a hamper that is large enough for you or both of you.  If you have frequent dry cleaning, use a separate basket or bag. Simply put the full basket in you car when its time to drop off at the cleaners.


Look for fun and inspiring dishes to keep your rings in. Cleaver containers for bracelets and hooks or boxes for necklaces make great storage options for loose items. These can be piled neatly on your dresser if there is no room for storage in it. I find especially with accessories they can be easily piled on, as we are getting ready to head out the door or down the hall to our office.


Do you make your bed every morning? I have a friend who can’t move on until she does. To create an easy “can do” quick make your bed in the morning, choose unfussy covers that can be pulled up, quickly adjusted, throw a couple pillows on top and there you go. Unless you have someone who makes your bed for you everyday…really? If it is too difficult, it won’t be done.  I think that might be the key for most things in our homes. We are not lazy, just busy.


Our bedrooms are our havens. Choose containers that you love, bedding you can dive into. Storage that is very efficient. Closet organizing systems to utilize every inch of it. A bedside table that holds all the materials you need to relax and prepare your mind and body for a restoring sleep. Say good-bye to the Tylenol pm washed down with a glass of wine and hello to a book, glass of water and your journal. Sleep tight!