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Letting go and seeing clearly April 21, 2009

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The past 2 weeks have been a coming of age for me. My son has turned a corner in maturity and it kind of just slapped me in the face and said, “you may no longer put the ketch up on your sons plate. He no longer needs you to cut his food. He can make his own sandwich.  He does not need to go to bed at 8. He no longer likes to watch Sponge Bob. (I’m saying these things in a low God like voice) To top it off, my son doesn’t always want to listen to the same music! What?! All I can do is sit here and shake my head. When did he get so old? With those changes comes my own willingness to change with him. More freedom in decision-making and taste is what is on board at my home. That’s okay, but did it all have to happen so quickly? Sigh, I digress. I will let go of some of those things I have always done for my son, such as pour the ketch up on his plate and cut his food. It’s good progress and I need to let go.


Letting go is good for everyone. It alleviates any struggle and guilt that can be brought with it. I find those feeling of struggle and guilt in many of my clients. We tend hold on to things due to guilt. Maybe they were once owned by our Great Aunt or deceased sibling and we feel the need to keep it, even thought it we don’t like it. The items we hang on to because of guilt hang over our heads like an uncompleted project at work or school.


Sometimes we almost need permission to let go of feelings and possessions that no longer hold value to us. My son made it known I did not have to do these tasks for him anymore. I was taken back at first, but then realized it really was a habit and he is nicely telling me “Mom, I can do it myself, it is time to let go of these thing.” You can do that too with the extra possessions you are holding on to because you feel you have to. I had a client who owned a gazillion tin containers. (I’m not exaggerating) They lined the top of her cabinets. She had so many that there were containers within containers. They had not been touched or dusted in ages. We started going through them and I heard stories like, this one belonged to my mother, and my ex-husband gave me that one. This was free with purchase etc..We started by getting rid of the ones she had doubles of, then slowly she began using phrases like “ I never really liked that one and why am I hanging on to something my ex gave me?” My client was doing a spiritual and visual cleansing. By the time we sorted through all the tins she ended up keeping 6 of her favorites. Now when my client looks at her much smaller collection she will have feelings of joy and accomplishment.


Letting go lifts the weight off you shoulders, allow you to breath and think clearly. If you don’t absolutely love the items in your home and have a hard time taking care of it all. Clean out the clutter, surround yourself with the things you love and move on. I am anxious and scared to see what more growing and experiences my son will go through this year. By letting go of a few things I now can clearly see the progress and that is something I never want to miss.