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Organize your kitchen drawers in an afternoon! March 19, 2009

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Do you have difficulty opening or shutting your kitchen drawers?  How about finding what you need in those drawers?  Are there batteries and paperclips next to the measuring cups and skewers?  This simple project tackles one area in our kitchen that tend to be a dumping zone.  So, turn on some music, grab a cup of Joe and lace up those running shoes. Its time to get to work.

To get started you will need;
1.    Three boxes or bins, marked KEEP, DONATE, TOSS. If you have a lot of kitchen drawers, I suggest using something sturdy and large, such as Rubbermaid bins or large laundry baskets.
2.    A slew of plastic interlocking drawer organizers. They are available at stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and The Container Store.  There are many different kinds available, choose the ones you like the most and that fit into your budget. I always suggest buying way more than what you will think you need. This way you will not have to stop in the middle of your organizing frenzy to buy more product and lose you momentum.
I know organizing kitchens can be overwhelming and tend to hold storage more that we realize.  That is why we are starting with the drawers only.

Begin at one end of your kitchen, open the first drawer and begin placing the contents in one of the 3 bins.  An exception is your silverware and sharp knives. You will be keeping those and for safety sake place them on you kitchen counter or table.

Questions to ask yourself – If you have several of one item or items you never use.
*     How often do I use this?
*    Can I live with just one?

Once you have gone through all your kitchen drawers;
•    Wipe them out
•    Categorize the items in the bins, by placing them in piles on you countertop or table.  For example, baking tools with baking tools, cooking utensils with like utensils, odd items together such as skewers, shellfish crackers and corn on the cob holders.
•    Locate the best drawer for each category, use this guide
The Junk drawer is located by the phone.
Silverware is stored by plates and the dishwasher.
Baking utensil by counter uses mostly for food preparation.
Cooking utensils by cook top.
•    Select the correct size of interlocking drawer organizer to fit in each drawer and it chosen purpose.  Don’t feel you need to fill the tire drawer with the organizing trays.  The extra space can be used for odd items such as cheese graters and rolling pins.
•    Place the categories in the assigned drawers and you might want to label so your family gets used to where everything goes.

A note on those tricky junk drawers, keep the items in them to a minimum, such as,
Extra change
Paper clips
Scrape paper/pens
I you find you have an excess of one item; think about finding another spot for it.  Batteries tend to accumulate, store in a larger container and place on a shelf in an entry way closet.

Congratulations!  You are done with the task that wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be!!! Right?  Place the items to donate in your car right now and drive to the nearest donation center.  The items to toss, throw what you can in your recycle bin.  Small appliances are accepted for recycling in many areas. Call your local waste management company and ask.  Now its time to switch from coffee to a large glass of water. (We need to keep hydrated!) Sit down and call a friend to tell her about your grand accomplishment.  You deserve it!


6 Responses to “Organize your kitchen drawers in an afternoon!”

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  2. Mary Says:

    in an effort to NOT BUY one more thing – at least for a temporary solution I am using those plastic containers from Costco produce as they fit in my drawers……

  3. I appreciate the great post you provide in your entries. I’ll bookmark your blog and have my friends visit in your blog often. I am quite certain they will learn lots of fresh information in your blog than anybody else!

  4. tom r. Says:

    I’m one of those who find it difficult to open or shut my kitchen drawers.. Thanks for sharing this step by step process of doing a container =)

  5. Reden D. Says:

    Thanks for posting this information, I could help my wife now on how to organize our kitchen drawers, and at least could help others by donating some unused or unnecessary gadgets. Thanks a lot!

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