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3 things to clear clutter in 15 minutes March 10, 2009

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Do you have a couple problem spots or to many to mention? Right now drop what you are doing a dedicate 15 minutes to doing these 3 things. Get started clearing the disorganization that is hanging in the cloud over your head. 

1. Magazines-Gotta pile? Without thinking about it, quickly sort-one to recycle-one to keep. (Hint, the recycle pile needs to be bigger) If you have 10 Pottery Barn magazines, get rid of them. You can find it online. 

2. Medicine cabinet-throw away anything expired, empty, or not enough is left for one more dose. If you have kids, separate adult medicine from kids and place in different containers and mark. 

3. Bedside table– Recycle the stack of magazines laying on the floor, Keep only the books you are reading there. Clear away old water glasses, socks and hairbands. The only thing that should be on your bedside table is a lamp, book, paper and pen (Since we are always brain storming)Cup of coffee

Time for a coffee break! Stayed tuned for more 15 minute fun tasks.


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